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Neue Schule

Neue Schule Horse Bits

Company founder Heather Hyde of Neue Schule began advising horse owners and renting bits back in the late 90s after seeing how difficult it was to find a solution to bitting problems. Every horse reacts differently to the materials, shapes and sizes of each bit type, and with the decline in the Loriner1 industry, Heather decided to embark on a quest to overhaul the bit market with some new and considerate designs.

Her plan was to create a variety of accommodating profiles using cutting edge materials and her experience in riding. She discovered that the secret to creating a good mouth bit is to ensure the horse bits were warm, soft and low in bioactivity - the aim is to ensure that there are minimal triggers that could distract the horse with odours or tastes.

As technology moved on, the addition of computer-aided design ensured that ergonomic shapes and details could be included in the profile of Neue Schule horse bits ensuring maximum comfort for the horse whilst still enabling the rider a good deal of communication. These profiles, acute angles and the thermal properties in the materials used, make Neue Schule the perfect choice for casual riding and competition.

What is a loriner?

1The Loriner makes and sells bits, bridles, spurs, stirrups and the minor metal items of a horse’s harness, together with the saddle tree. The word Loriner is derived from the Latin Lorum, a thong, bridle or reins, and seems to have entered the English language, from the French, as Lorimer. (source: www.loriner.co.uk)