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Choose from a wide array of horse girths, all designed to keep your horse comfortable and happy while you are riding. A girth is used to ensure the saddle stays in place – but with so many to choose from, you might be wondering where to start.


While some girths are suitable for everyday riding, dressage and jumping. The Albion Long Girth, available in soft black or brown leather, is renowned among riders for helping to alleviate pressure and improve movement. Another option is the high-quality yet affordable Thorowgood Airoform, which is breathable and has been designed to eliminate pinching.


We stock girths from leading brands such as Prolite, Albion, Fairfax E.Jeffries and Prestige, as well as a range of covers that provide further comfort.


To avoid causing your horse irritation and pain, it is essential for girths to be fitted correctly.If you are new to riding, have a chat with a member of our team about finding the right fit.

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