Albion Bridles

Why Choose An Albion Bridle?

The combination of many years’ experience in the equestrian industry and designers who are competition riders themselves means the development of Albion products is borne through constant research and awareness. The all important field testing and refinement carried out by Albion also ensures a comfortable fit for every situation.

Each Albion product is 100% British made and goes through rigorous testing before being approved to the latest British Standard. Extensive quality control at each stage of product construction and hand selected European leathers allow Albion’s qualified master saddlers to produce beautifully crafted riding gear with a perfect finish every time.

Bridles - Buying The Best

The Albion KB Bridle range is marketed as one of the world’s most comfortable bridles with an infinite number of options. It’s patented design relieves pressure, aids willing submission and improves performance in all disciplines and at every level. The cutaway headpiece is used to disperse poll pressure, with an oversized browband to give maximum ear clearance and comfort.

Throstlenest Saddlery has stocked Albion products since the early 1990s and has also previously been named Albion’s Retailer of the Year thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the Albion range.

Albion Bridles

If it is a quality, well designed bridle to enhance your horse's look and also provide comfort - then look no further than an Albion bridle. Designed with Klaus Balkenhol, Albion created the first pressure relieving bridle in 2000 and it holds European Patent No. 1302440.

The slip is anatomically positioned over the padded, cutaway headpiece to disperse poll pressure. The Original Pressure Relieving KB Bridle also features an oversized browband to ensure ear clearance to minimise nerve pressure and has a padded noseband for extra comfort.We offer the Competition flash and cavesson and also a Crank flash and cavesson in the Snaffle bridles. Double bridles are also available and a range of accessories from Diamante browbands and reins to customise your bridle and give it a party feel.

Popular with competition riders who need their horse to perform to their best and used everyday by riders who want the best of comfort for their horse, the Albion range of bridles are the perfect way to reward your horse.


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