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Whether you are new to riding or are experienced in matters of the equestrian, there is always advice which can help you out. From beginners advice to eventing tips, if you are serious about riding, look no further than this section!

Horse Riding. The Equipment You Need To Get Started

When you are just starting out it can be tough to figure out what equipment you need. We have a wealth of experience in kitting out riders new and old, and we know what the bare essentials are – if you want to know too, then come on in!

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How To Form A Lasting Bond With Your Horse

Bonding with your horse can take a lot of effort, but when the trust and bond begins to develop it is one of life's great feelings. There is no cheating your way to bonding, but there are things which will show your horse you care, find out what here.

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Product Talk

With an ever increasing amount of products hitting the market each year, there has never been a bigger selection for todays horse enthusiast. Here we will talk you through some of todays most popular products, so you'll know if they are right for you!

Are Fairfax Girths Worth The Money?

Girths can range in cost and quality and those just beginning can find some good value at the lower-end of the cost-scale. However when performance becomes more of an issue, the question looms large - just how worth it are the lauded Fairfax Girths?

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