Hold onto your horses! We have a range of reins for every need, so whether it's a show-worthy set you're after, or simply some extra grip, there's sure to be a pair that suit you.

Reins are an essential piece of horse tack which attach to the bit in the horses mouth. They provide a line of communication between horse and rider, alongside the legs and seat, controlling and after much training enabling subtle signals to pass from elbow and hand to mouth. 

It is vital therefore, that you pick the correct type of rein that will work best for you and your horse and that are suitable for the discipline that you have chosen. Rubber reins are great for grip and give a good handful of rein for cross country riding, show jumping , but also for everyday riding when you don't want your reins to slip. there are a few variations to the rubber rein now, with Bio grip offering a slimmer feel, but with a great grip and Eventa grip reins which are very durable, but which let the reins slip through your hand when necessary. 

Plain reins and laced reins are great for showing as they look very traditional and half rubber reins can be useful as they give the appearance of leather reins, but have an insider grip which is great in wet conditions.

Nubuck and half nubuck reins are popular with dressage riders, as they give a lovely soft, supple feel allowing subtle communications through the rein, although a lot of personal preference dictates the type of rein used and they can differ if, for instance one horse is stronger or more sensitive than another.

Reins can have billet or buckle fastening, some have loop fastenings to keep them securely attached to the bit.

Reins come under a lot of stress especially if you horse is strong and they should be checked regularly for wear and maintained well to make sure they remain safe.


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