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Every horse is different, which is why we stock a wide variety of bits to suit your horse's needs. Whether you're looking for a straightforward snaffle, a gag, pelham or a weymouth, there's plenty to choose from in lots of shapes and sizes.

Remember every horse is an individual, which is why we stock a wide variety of bits to suit a range of needs.

Whether you're looking for a straightforward snaffle, or your requirements are more a gag, pelham or Weymouth, there are plenty to make a careful choice from in lots of sizes. Always be sure that your bit is allowed for competition in whichever discipline you choose.

As the research behind our horse's mouths expands and we learn more about bitting, we can offer an ever expanding range of bits and although your horse may be the type that goes well in a classic and uncomplicated bit, there are many horses that may appreciate the newer shapes that offer tongue relief, or if your horse has issues with head carriage, messing about, pulling down etc, then there are a range of bits which may well help.

The bit has always been used as a means of control for centuries, now we are ever searching for more subtle methods of communication which are the most comfortable for our horse. We have much more knowledge of the anatomy and nerve structure on the horses mouth and bit manufacturers are constantly improving and innovating such as Neue Schule with their Salox gold range of bits. Happy mouth bits use a non metallic substance in case your horse prefers a non metallic mouth piece and the Eldonian Minos range offers a less expensive alternative of well designed bits.

A bit is typically made up of two parts - the mouthpiece, which sits inside your horse's mouth and the shanks,or bit rings, in the case of a snaffle, which is where the bridle and reins are attached. The bits use a combination of pressure and leverage when pressure is applied and this pressure can manifest at the poll, on the bars of the horse's mouth, corners of the mouth, the tongue, curb, nose, depending on the type of bit used.

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