Stirrup Leathers and Irons

Sit safe whilst you're in the saddle with our variety of stirrup irons and leathers. We stock the highest quality and best value items for every horse and rider, no matter what their needs! Browse our selection of stirrup irons and leathers, all designed to help you stay safe and secure in the saddle. Whether you are new to riding, or training and competing at a top level, we have stirrups for all budgets, ages and abilities – from the ultra-premium Freejump Soft Up Pro Stirrups to the good-value Shires range.

Best Stirrup Leathers

When it comes to leathers, there are few things more beautiful and versatile than the Albion soft wrapped model, which is the ideal companion to the Albion saddle. Suitable for any discipline, these soft calf leathers are strengthened with nylon. We also stock other leading brands such as E.Jeffries, Prestige, Bates and Shires. Alongside our stirrups and leathers, you’ll also find a selection of accessories and replacement parts, including stirrup treads.

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