Fly Masks

Fly Masks

Shop our large variety of Fly Masks and protect your horse's face, eyes, and ears from midges and other flying insects.

Flies and other insects can cause a lot of irritation to your horse as well as infection and allergies, so having a correctly fitted Fly Mask can effectively help with these issues. Although fly sprays are extremely effective for use on the rest of the body, it is often difficult to spray them around the face and eyes, and so fly masks are often a more comfortable option. 

Moreover, flies are particuarly drawn to a horse's face especially to moisture around the eye area, and as this is one of the most sensitve areas of a horse it is extremely important to keep the face fully protected.

Fly Masks also have the added benefit of having UV protection, so your horse can be protected from the sun during the spring and summer months. 

Our current bestselling Fly Masks are the range by Shires, which are back to 2019 with the new colours black and teal, and the range of Fly Masks by Equilibrium. Both brands provide extremely comfortable maks for your horse and can be adjusted to the perfect fit to keep out even the smallest of flies.

We sell a variety of Fly Masks to suit your horse, whether you want a mask with our without ears, mid or full length. We also have muzzle protectors and riding masks to prevent your horse being irritated by pesky flies whilst schooling and hacking. For any advice on what might be the best option for you and your horse, don't hesitate to give us a call on 01226 790497.

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