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Albion Saddles & Bridles

The Albion name has been synonymous with high quality saddlery since the late 80s. With the perfect balance of tradition and innovative design, Company founders Paul and Sherry Belton have created a true global brand.

Paul originally trained in design engineering but his true passion for riding has seen him create iconic products such as Platinum, Revelation and K2 range of saddles, the NEW "adjusta" tree and the KB bridle range all fuelled with knowledge, creativity and a love of horses.

Sherry boasts an equally impressive equestrian CV having trained with dressage specialist Franz Rochowansky of the Spanish Riding School and her many years competing in dressage and eventing. Her experience of working with, and fitting saddles for many of the worlds leading Olympian and professional riders, combined with Paul’s passion has enabled them to create a brand that has flourished and grown in notoriety. 

The Albion KB Bridle range is marketed as one of the world’s most comfortable bridles with an infinite number of options. It’s patented design relieves pressure, aids willing submission and improves performance in all disciplines and at every level. The cutaway headpiece is used to disperse poll pressure, with an oversized browband to give maximum ear clearance and comfort.

Throstlenest Saddlery has stocked Albion products since the early 90s and has also previously been named Albion’s Retailer of the Year thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the Albion range.