Equine America Apple Lytes

As low as £16.95
  • Highly palatable with added cherry flavour
  • Replaces body salts lost through sweating
  • Suitable for all horses and ponies
  • Prevents dehydration and fatigue
  • Always have fresh water available

Apple Lytes are a highly palatable electrolyte supplement with an appetising cherry flavour. They have been carefully formulated to replace key electrolytes lost through sweating during intense exercise, and encourage the horse to drink to prevent dehydration and maintain peak performance all season.

Why Use Electrolytes?

When the body temperature rises either as a result of exercise, travelling or a high environmental temperature, the body will begin to sweat. The evaporation of sweat helps to cool the horse down and regulate the body temperature. Sweating causes the body to lose body salts (electrolytes) through fluid loss, and a horse in moderate work doing an hour of trotting and cantering can lose as much as 5-7 litres of fluid containing 50-70g of electrolytes. This can increase with intensity or duration of work, and especially if the weather becomes hot or humid!

Electrolytes play important roles in the nervous system, muscle contraction, maintaining the balance of fluids around cells, and more critically the concentration of sodium controls in the horses thirst response. A significant loss of electrolytes through sweating can reduce the horses desire to drink, and increases the risk of becoming dehydrated, resulting in symptoms of fatigue, performance loss and can also affect the muscles.

Electrolyte replacement is important for all horses who sweat, from Pony Club ponies through to top level competition horses and hunters!

Apple Lytes should be introduced gradually at home mixed into feed, increasing to the recommended dosage level when required after periods of intense sweating. Fresh water should always be available.