Beta Safety Week 27th April-5th May 2019



It’s the start of The British Equestrian Trade Association’s second annual Safety Week, and we’re here to tell you a little bit more about what it is, who it effects, and how we are getting involved!



This year BETA’s Safety Week is back, to put rider safety firmly on the map and to highlight the importance of safety gear, whether you are a happy hacker, a serious eventer or are simply working around horses. It’s recommended that you always wear a riding hat and body protector when riding and working with horses, and there are three main policies BETA suggest you must stick to when wearing them.



1. They must be a great fit


Safety gear should always be fitted professionally and not left down to chance. One size certainly doesn’t fit all, and you should never share hats or body protectors with other people. Here at Throstlenest, all our staff are fully trained on how to fit riding helmets and body protectors as well as being a registered Hat Fitting Centre. Whatever size and shape you are, we will endeavour to fit you with comfortable and precisely fitted safety gear.


2. They must be fastened correctly


Wear your safety gear correctly and it will do its job of protecting you. Remember to not wear hats with a loose harness, and especially to never ride with the harness unfastened. The same goes for body protectors, as unfastened straps cannot possibly do the job they were designed for.

3. They must be up to standard

Your riding hats, body protectors and hi-viz gear should always meet the appropriate safety standards for the activity you are involved in. Below is a guide for knowing exactly which standards your safety gear needs to meet, and how you can spot this information on the product.

Riding Hat Safety Standards

Body Protector Safety Standards


There are so many options for safety equipment on the market that it is often overwhelming to know where to start. That’s why as well as the benefit of being professionally fitted, we always find it’s a lot easier to buy safety equipment in store so you can see it and try it on for yourselves.

As a quick overview however, here are a few of our top picks in safety gear!


Body Protectors:



We stock a wide range of body protectors for men, women and children, all of which are BETA Level 3 labelled. This means that whether they are 2009 (purple labelled) or 2019 (blue labelled), they all meet the requirements of the current respective European standard (EN 13158) and are appropriate for general riding, competitions including eventing, and working with horses.

Our most popular body protector in store especially for for younger riders, is the Airowear Outlyne Body Protector, which offers adjustable chest, waist and shoulder fastenings for the growing rider, whilst offering them the maximum protection.

As well as this, we love the Racesafe Provent 3.0. Exceptionally lightweight and breathable, it allows full comfort & freedom due to the flex of its independently hinged sections. It is also adjustable at the sides to allow for a comfortable and secure fit.


Riding Hats



We stock a huge variety of skull caps and vented helmets, suitable for if you are shopping for your first ever riding hat, or if you are simply updating your style for your next event!


Amongst our bestsellers, we have the Charles Owen Young Riders Jockey Skull and JS1 Jockey Skull caps. Known for being an excellent first choice when learning to ride, these hats are available in a range of sizes for children and adults and are extremely cost effective for the growing rider, as well as being up to current safety standards.


We also highly recommend the Champion Junior Plus jockey skull and Champion Pro Plus Skulls which are highly trusted hats and are great for every day use as well as in a variety of disciplines.


For the more competitive rider, a great choice is the Gatehouse HS1 Helmet. As well as conforming to all of the usual safety standards, the Gatehouse HS1 is also approved to the American Snell test criteria (SNELL E2001), which is the most demanding safety standard currently in manufacture for equestrian use.



Benefits of Safety Week


In Store


In honour of safety week, we will be offering exclusive offers and discounts on selected safety equipment in store!

As well as a store visit allowing you to have your safety gear professionally fitted, it will also give you the chance to enter the BETA Safety Week competition where you could be in with a chance of winning your money back on a purchase of safety equipment!

It is important to remember though that we are available to give fittings all year round and are always happy to help. We are also a registered hat fitting centre so you can be sure to be given expert help and advice. 

Online and In store


For both our online and in store shoppers, we are offering a FREE Charles Owen Hat bag with any purchase of a Charles Owen Hat over the value of £100. 


We hope this article has proven useful for understanding the importance of Safety Week and everything that it represents. For advice on which safety gear is the most suitable for you and for any enquiries about sizing, don't hesitate to give us a call or pop in store. You can find out our contact details on the Contact Us page of our site!


Thanks for reading,