Our top four Charles Owen Riding Hats for under £80!



 We know how much of a minefield choosing riding hats can be! All the different colours, features and styles. Sometimes all you’re after is a good all-rounder that is great value for money and ticks all the boxes for safety. 


That’s why we have narrowed it down to our four favourite Charles Owen riding hats, all under £80 and all excellent value for money.


So here they are:





The Charles Owen Junior YR8 riding hat is fully trimmed in a sophisticated microfibre suede and has four discrete ventilation holes to allow coolness and comfort. This is a very attractive looking hat with a fixed peak and features a metal Charles Owen silver logo at the front. 


This hat is available in Junior and small adult sizes.





The Charles Owen HP1 is a great quality and affordable helmet for adults and young adults. It a sleek, elegant helmet and features a classy leather look fixed peak. The HP1 helmet has ten ventilation slots, incorporated into its modern design; these ensure breathability and all day comfort.


This hat is available in adult and young adult sizes.





The Charles Owen JS1 jockey skull is a very practical choice for riders of all levels. It features an impact-resistant Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) shell and 10 ventilation slots to ensure lasting comfort. 


This skull is available in adult and young adult sizes.


Young Riders



The Charles Owen Young Riders jockey skull is suitable for all disciplines, offering triple standard protection. It features eight ventilation holes and comes with a free hat silk with a mesh centre to allow maximum breathability. 



This skull is available in Junior and small adult sizes.


Why we love them:

Between the four of them, these Charles Owen riding hats offer a great fit for a wide range of head shapes and sizes! We find they are well suited to most people.

In addition to this, all four of these riding hats are excellent value for money and are all up to date with safety standards, being kite marked to PAS015:2011 VG101.0402014-12. The Young riders skull offers an extra standard of SEI to ATSM F1163-15 for triple standard protection. All four hats feature a secure four-point webbing harness which can be adjusted to give the perfect secure fit.


Find your perfect fit

Did you know we are a certified Charles Owen hat fitting centre? If you are unsure of your size or would like to be refitted, don't hesistate to pop in store where one of our qualified hat fitters will endeavor to fit you with your perfect size hat.


We hope this blog has been helpful in narrowing down some of our great value riding hats! for a closer look at these hats click on the links below or visit us in store at any time! Thanks for reading, Throstlenest x


YR8                             HP1                      JS1                       Young Riders