First Eventing Run Of The Season

March has been a busy month for me focusing mostly on training. With my horse box having been out of action i have felt very under prepared and behind with getting ready for my competitions.Although it was frustrating not having transport it allowed me time to work on my horses fitness and get Schrodinger upto scratch after his minor surgery so he could join in on the fun.

My horsebox was back on the road in march and it was time for me and the boys to get cracking. On the 19th of March David came and fitted Entertainer with a new dressage saddle before my season started. Previously Entertainer had been ridden in my old horses saddle so it was nice treat for him to finally have his own. We decided on a Fairfax Gareth and both myself and Entertainer seem to be very comfortable in it. Thankyou very much to David for coming and sorting us out. Showjumping was our first training session with Sue Chadwick. Show jumping is my weakest phase so it was the section i wanted to get my teeth stuck into first. Im very lucky that Entertainer is a very brave bold jumper so therefore the lack of training didn't seem to upset him too much and he was up to his usual height and standard within a couple of sessions. We focus a lot of our training on related distances as i have the unhelpful ability of adding an extra stride or three where i really don't need to.

Schrodinger came to training with us but for him its all about just having fun and keeping his confidence up at the moment. We are trying to do little and often to get him the mileage while working mostly on his straightness into and coming away from the fences.

Armed with my new saddle, dressage was next up at Moody Dressage. This is Entertainers strongest phase. He is a big moving powerful horse that does seem to catch the judges attention. Im lucky that he is very well mannered and does keep his concentration when doing his flat work training and throughout his tests at competitions. In these sessions with Entertainer we work mostly on engagement as he is a big horse we have to keep him sharp, active and together.

Schrodinger had his first moody encounter which left him feeling rather tired. We worked on a lot, but with him being a young horse it's mostly about keeping his frame together so he can build and strengthen in all the right areas. He left thinking running and jumping is much easier!!

Cross country, now i can easily speak for all three of us when i say this is our favourite phase. For myself its the phase i can let myself go and just enjoy my horses and get away from the pressure. I must transmit this down to my horses because they just love it. Even Baby Dinger who had never seen a cross country fence before! He just ate it up jumping any thing i pointed him at. Again we kept it small and fun to keep his confidence! Somerford Park Farm is my venue of choice although its a long drive for us the variety of fences available for all levels of horse and rider more than makes up for the journey.




Entertainers first session cross country although he jumped well and was happy to be out didn't go as well as i had hoped. He was un happy in his mouth which is an on going issue that i thought i had mastered last season... obviously not!




The issue is he is incredibly strong but also very sensitive and when you add to that his insane bravery you can end up with one hair raising cross country round. I was riding him in a Tom Thumb with two reins to try and equal the pressure. When i was taking a pull before the fences i found he was raising his head incredibly high before the fences and he was feeling uncomfortable. With only one week until my first run and no more available time left to school i was forced to run in my current bit or a snaffle which although i knew he would be comfortable in i feared it would leave me with no control. Join me in my next blog to find out how i will overcome my bitting issues and how my season is going so far. Currently having entires in at Kelsall Hill, Richmond and Chatsworth, there are bound to be some highs and also some lows!