Sticky Trap: How to make a succesful fly trap for your field or stables!


Sticky Trap is a manufacturer and wholesaler of insect glue and traps which are designed as a means of pest control for your stables or field. Their products are designed to succesfully attract and trap biting and non-biting flies and insects and therefore reduce the amount of irritation to you and your animals. 

Sticky Trap Horsefly Glue

Sticky Trap's bestselling and integral product for any fly trap is their Horsefly Glue which has been specially designed for catching horseflies, hornets, stable flies, and other biting insects around people and livestock. This product has been used all over Europe to reduce problems with biting and annoying horseflies in a natural way without the use of pesticides.

The Sticky Trap Horsefly Glue is made from natural minerals and is light brown in colour. Its unique formula makes it water and heat resistant which means it will still work after periods of rain or weather extremes, and the glue will even remain sticky and effective for long periods of up to 20 weeks!

Another benefit of the Sticky Trap Horsefly glue is that it is eco-friendly, and doesn't attract pollinating insects such as bees and butterflies, meaning you will be only trapping the pesky insects and flies that you want to catch!


The Sticky Trap Horsefly Glue (which is available in 0.5L,1.5L and 3.5L pots) is also super easy to use: simply apply it with a brush to a bucket or other object and then hang the object above ground in the problem area.

When your fly trap is full, The Sticky Trap Horsefly Glue can simply be scraped off using a spatula and topped up again!


Conveniently, Sticky Trap glue does not have an expiry date so you can get it back out each summer! Just make sure you close the lid!



 With 0,5 L you can prepare 10 Horsefly-traps with a black 12L bucket.
With 1,5 L you can prepare 30 Horsefly-traps with a black 12L bucket.
With 3,5 L you can prepare 70 Horsefly-traps with a black 12L bucket.


What else do I need to make the fly trap?

Whilst Sticky Trap has all the ready made products you need to complete a fly trap including buckets, balls and poles to hang up the trap, they also give advice on how to make your own traps at home using your own products with their Sticky Trap Glue.

It's up to you how creative you are feeling! 

If you choose to save time and purchase a Sticky Trap product there are three different options of which object you can apply the glue to.

The Sticky Trap Black Bucket

The Black Bucket is an excellent choice for any outdoor trap and comes ready made to hang up straight away!

The Sticky-trap black bucket is recommended to trap biting flies including midges, botflies and horseflies.  

It comes with a 40cm rope attached to it which is secured by a drilling screw, and has had the handle removed for better movement.

All you need to do it hang it 80-100cm above ground near to the problem of flies!

The Sticky Trap White Bucket

The Sticky Trap White bucket comes ready made and is exactly the same as the black bucket.

This bucket is the perfect choice for an indoor trap such as in stables or even in the office as it attracts household flies, blowflies and stableflies.


The Sticky Trap Ball

An alternative to using a Sticky Trap bucket is the Sticky Trap Ball. The ball is made from black rubber and is great at attracting flies and other biting insects. This is due to flies mistaking it for a warm blooded animal when searching for heat and movement and subsequently getting trapped.

The Sticky trap ball has a diameter of 60cm and a loop at the top to attach a rope to so it can be hung up. It is perfect to hang up from the Sticky Trap pole.

As with any fly trap, it is important to hang it up in a sunny and windy spot near to the problem of flies.

The Sticky Trap Pole

The Sticky Trap Pole allows you to set up a fly trap in any area with soft enough ground. 

To set up the pole, simply push the two bottom pins of the pole into the ground with your foot. Your fly trap can then be hung from the pole and will be able to move freely in the wind. 

The pole is coated with 9mm black steel meaning it resists wind and bad weather.It is 1.45 metres tall so allows your trap to hang from the perfect height above ground.

How to make your own Fly Trap 

Sticky Trap claim to have the cheapest horsefly trap available which can be made with only a black bucket and a rope! To make this yourself, instructions for how to make the trap using Sticky Trap Horsefly Glue are as follows:


1.) Drill a hole in the top of a bucket and string a rope through the hole. Run the rope through a metal ring and tie a knot so that the rope cannot go back through the hole. A big and sturdy knot may suffice as well.

2.) Screw a small hook in the underside of a bar that is approximately 50cm long. Hang the rope that is attached to the bucket on the hook. The ideal height of the bucket is 100 cm above the ground.

3.) Mount the bar onto one of the field poles. It’s important that it is placed near vegetation, if possible. It should also catch enough sunlight so that the bucket can get warm. 

4.) The placing has to be in an open area, so that the bucket can move in the wind. Finally apply glue to the outside of the bucket. Wear gloves, it’s called sticky trap for a reason!

5.) The bucket should hang outside of the field. If not, your horse will brush against the trap, the flies will stick to your horse not the trap!  This will not harm your horse, but it’s certainly not pleasant.

Where to buy these products:

We currently stock all of the Sticky Trap products listed above online and in store! To shop Sticky Trap Products, click on the links below.

We hope you have found this blog informative and now know how you can buy or make your own fly trap using Sticky Trap Horsefly Glue!


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