Products of the week: A review by our staff members!


This week, we had the chance to speak to three of our staff members about some of their favorite equine products, why they used them and why they would recommend them to others. Here's what they said:



1.) Review of NAF Slim Pellets by our Sales Advisor Christine 


Why do you use them?

“My horse Pharaoh was weighed last year and was overweight for his build/height, he had a cresty neck and was diagnosed with cushings. As he was a high risk for Laminitis, I had spoken to one of our NAF reps and she recommended trying the Slim Pellets.

Pharaoh is semi-retired and a very good doer, so we swapped out his feed and haylage to hay and 2 scoops of Slim Pellets per day. He is now at his ideal weight; he no longer has a cresty neck and he is looking and feeling healthy.

The Slim Pellets come in an easy to feed palatable pellet form, so no other hard feed is needed.

I use a 3.3kg tub which lasts me approx. 1 month feeding 2 scoops daily, this works out to be very economical as opposed to other weight management products.”


Who would you recommend to use them?

"Slim Pellets are the perfect supplement for horses struggling with weight management in general, and even more so for those prone to Laminitis or EMS (Equine metabolic syndrome)"


2.) Review of The Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Essential by Social Media Manager Vicky


What are your favourite features about this rug?

"My Irish Sports Horse Fred is a little over 18hh and has quite a big front end, I struggle a lot with rugs for him as not all brands are deep enough or contain enough shoulder room. The Essential Plus is perfect as it features shoulder gussets which give him plenty room to move without rubbing him in the process.

At this time of year Fred's clip is just about grown out but he never grows a thick coat so I like to rug him up when the weather changes, the 50g fill just takes the edge off and keeps him snug. He is also quite the mud monster and again this combo rug is perfect for keeping him as clean as possible without restricting him from being a horse and having a good roll & play.

The lining of the rug keeps his coat glossy, which is ideal when i can just fetch him in and tack him straight up after a long day at work."

When would you recommend it for?

"This is the perfect rug for cooler Spring days/nights. The 50g of polyfill is just the right amount to take the edge off the cold spells of our very intermittent spring weather!"






 3.) Review of the Horse Health Calming Cookies by our Sales Advisor Siân 


Why do you use them?

"I use calming cookies to de-stress my Horse Cyril at shows. They are FEI approved and really make a huge difference to my horse's behaviour.

Rather than needing them for an event itself, I use Calming Cookies to keep him relaxed in the collecting ring which can be a stressful situation for any horse due to everything going on in the ring at the same time. As calming cookies prevent Cyril being stressed before our event, it means he is then in the right frame of mind to concentrate on the job in hand when we get called into the ring."

"Calming Cookies are also a really easy supplement to feed your horse as they can be hand fed as a treat or can be broken up and added to their feed".

How are calming cookies fed?

Horse Health recommend that you administer one Calming Cookie, leave it for 30-45 minutes then proceed as normal. This will last 3-4 hours and can be topped up every 3 hours. However these guidelines differ for each individual.

Siân has found that for Cyril, feeding him one cookie a hour before entering the collecting ring is enough to last him through to their event. 


We hope you found this blog useful and we will be reviewing some more products very shortly!

You can find the links to these products below to see them for yourself, and all are currently available to purchase in store too!

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