Ariat Boot Reviews

Vicky Melia tries on various Ariat boots in store and lets us know her feedback.

We started with the Ariat Divino Boot:

The Divino boot is simple yet elegant, the leather looks and feels quality plus the boots fit the ankle really well. I love the laces, i think they just add that bit extra to boots. The boot is really comfortable to wear too.


Moving on the the Monaco Boot:

The monaco have an attractive patent top design which I love, they are extremely comfortable to wear, have a great height at the knee and the leather is really soft. My faults with this boot are that I personally prefer laces and I feel these boots are too loose around my ankles.


We then we viewed the Heritage Contour Boot:


The Heritage contour is simple yet smart, i like the contoured fit around the ankle and leg. As i've mentioned before I am a big fan of laces so the field boot is my go to boot. The round toe I feel make my feet look smaller (I'm a size 7.5/8) the only thing I notice about these boots is that the leather quality isn't quite the same as the Divino, it's more rigid but yet the price is far more economical especially when they're comfortable to wear all day.



Last but certainly not least we have the Vortex:


These are my top pick for comfort! Theyre like wearing a pair of comfy slippers. With the stylish sporty design these boots stand out from the crowd and are very unique. I managed to fit in to a size 7 comfortably in these which is really a whole size smaller than I would normally go. My bad points with this boot are that the low cut back is hard to get used to especially after trying the other styles on... they are designed for more freedom of movement so this is understandable. The zip is an angulated design so a shoe horn is needed to get the boot on and I feel that they wouldn't be suited to dressage purely as they don't have that classic look about them (this is my personal preference).